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Current Highlights

Quality tools for the building industry

Pajarito tools are designed to meet the actual requirements on the construction site. In the production of Pajarito tools, certain processing steps are carried out by hand, achieving manufactory quality.

The tools from Pajarito can only be bought at specialist retailers. Online, from the Pajarito scraper to the textured roller to the Pajarito cleaning tube, you can use the online shop at to easily order from the Pajarito range, which includes many other tools for the building industry: for example spreaders, trowels, rasps, knives, cutters, perforators, measuring instruments, shears, saws, sanders, scrapers, pliers, hammers, buckets, sponges, rollers, brushes, guns, straight edges, squares, detail tools, spotlights, many special tools and numerous accessories.

Advantages of Pajarito

  • Created by pros for pros
  • Made in Germany
  • Partly handmade
  • Problem solution development
  • Need-oriented tools
  • Tradition since 1923
  • Continual improvements
  • Special sizes and special formats
  • Individual special solutions
  • Sustainability through quality

Current Offers

Since 1923 Pajarito stands for quality

No minimum order value – free shipping from €149

There is no minimum order value in the online shop for Pajarito tools. So you can also order small quantities. However, if you reach an order value of €149, you benefit from free shipping within Germany.

The quality tools from Pajarito enjoy great popularity for example among floorers, painters, tilers, glaziers, plasterers and drywallers. You can order from us even without a trade license.

The history of the family business Pajarito

Pajarito had started exporting consumer items in 1923, especially to Latin America. The company name Pajarito is the Spanish word for "little bird".

In 1945, Pajarito had begun to deal in painting tools. A little later, in 1959, Pajarito started to fabricate painting tools by its own. Even then, the aim was to develop optimal tools solutions together with users from craft and industry.

With professional tools to success!

You achieve the best results with professional tools on which you can rely any time. Your clients also will appreciate that.

When your customers are satisfied, you can hope for follow-up orders and recommendations. Pajarito tools allow you to always make a good impression.

Pajarito tools made in Germany!

Pajarito has its production site in Germany and thus relies on German workmanship. Now there are 5000 articles in the range of Pajarito with an in-house product component of 45 percent.

Only in Germany Pajarito finds those employees who are qualified enough to produce quality tools for the building industry.