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Apprentice tool box Pajarito

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Product number: 71606
Product information "Apprentice tool box Pajarito"
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Properties "Apprentice tool box Pajarito"
Brand: Pajarito
Maße: 575 x 390 x 175 mm

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Tool box, empty Pajarito
Spaciousness and convenient size make this tool box recommendable. Features are: Solid and durable due to the good finger mortise. Lockable. Lid compartment with plywood slide panel. Brush and spatula holder.

Werkzeugkasten leer Pajarito
Hochwertiger, lackierter Holzkoffer speziell für Werkzeug bis 60 cm Länge konstruiert. Aus 12 mm starkem Mehrschichtholz, mit Metalleckenschonern und Stangenscharnier. Maße: 600 x 400 x 170 mm

excl. VAT: €110.68

incl. VAT: €131.71
Sold out
Tool box, empty Pajarito
Plywood, 12 mm thick, floor and lid 4 mm thick plywood, piano hinge, 2 hasp locks, metal cor- ner protections.

Sold out
Tool box for painters and decorators Pajarito
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